​Writing a book is a goal for many people
We offer you the possibility to publish your book, in the format that you most desire, the amount that best suits your needs and without any editorial commitment
Register for posterity, whatever is going on in your soul


Hardcover books, with machine-sewn pages, have an excellent presentation and elegance that are clearly differentiated easily identifying the type of novel and its author. The digital offset printing reduces costs significantly, allowing for refined books to be printed without having to lay out a big investment regardless of the type of publication


It is more often a privilege for independent authors to have their work published with complete freedom of choice in respect to quantities and formats, whilst reserving all rights to their published work but without editorial costs
Digital offset has many advantages when it comes to paperback books. It is an economic means of publication with a hot glued spine and laminated cover or with a varnished core, giving it a pleasant touch and a lasting durability


Due to its characteristics, digital offset printing is the perfect means for printing books and magazines with periodic publication of small and medium runs, sewn with wire or with a hot glued spine
Except for newspaper publications, which are printed with specific machines, we are able to accommodate the different needs and requests from the publishing sector